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Raphael Cedano is a walking erection. He can walk down the street and just find ways to get his dick sucked. He could jerk off to the evening news. He just has this crazy erotic energy that permeates everything around him. And Jake Andrews is more than receptive to that kind of energy. Jake could melt the coldest hearts and cause more erections then a handful of little blue pills, and all just by standing there.
He can give you the chap next door look one second and a smoldering eye that tells you to strip and get prepared the next. Put the two in the same room and you can pretty much just turn on the cameras and leave. The passion ignites the second Raphael takes all of that enormous Jake Andrews manmeat in his muzzle and starts sucking. Jake is primed and ready in no time flat and soon entwines his flesh around Raphael.
The difference in their body tones makes a stunning picture as Raphael works his throbbing manmeat deep inside Jake. And there is no uncomplicated and honey here. Raphael fucks anal like its going out of classification and Jake is fully acquiring off on being tossed around like a living sex bauble. And once Jake wrangles his enormous dick to shoot a amazing hearty weight, Raphael works the head of his susceptive uncut manmeat to give Jake the the most horny facial.

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DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Nicky Sixs First Time
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DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Nicky Sixs First Time

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