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Release Year: 1991
Studio: VCA
Cast: Nina Hartley, K. C. Williams, Raven, Candace Heart, Devon Shire, Heather Hart, Randy West, Buck Adams, Marc Wallice, T. T. Buddy, Tom Chapman, and Master Blaster
Genres: all sex
Video language: English

Nina Hartley starts back on the farm by comparing ranch hands Marc Wallice and Buck Adams to bucking broncos while her Daddy’s out of city. Marc takes her top half and Buck takes her asshole half. Nina sucks off Marc while Buck eats her out and fucks her. Although it’s a charming tame scene, Nina actually makes it work. Somebody does, and I think Buck’s probably too old and Marc is, well Marc. Nina stays enthusiastic despite who she has to work with and plays the down home souther chick to a tee. It even ends up building a little heat because of it.
Devon Shire and Heather Hart apply for a job with Randy “Leatherface” West for the next scene. They begin by showing Randy their qualifications and then how well they work together as he watches from across the room. Both have great natural bodies that haven’t been desecrated by silicon also as above average faces and neither are afraid to obtain a little vocal. Being a perfect director, Randy is familiar with that he shouldn’t just watch his employees do things but should restrained forward in every now and then so he begins to fucking Heather while she eats Devon’s cunt. Of course, it is not great to favor one employee over one more, so Devon gets a little bit of the Tan Dude next as Heather moves up to work on her teats. Lastly, Randy gives Devon a little manly moisturizer on her stomach to finish things off. It’s a good-looking decent scene, but nothing amazing.
Raven, a dark haired beauty with tasteful implants, takes T. T. Man and Tom Chapman back to the limo to see if they have any actual human emotions. Luckily, lustful makes a dang perfect emotion! She switches back and forth between them, giving one a oral job while the other gets a handjob before becoming the meat in a T sandwich. She finishes by taking both burdens on her stomach. Sadly, there’s a little dubbing and the confines of the limo make for some very limited shots which brings the scene down a little bit despite Raven’s pleasant appetite. I don’t recall seeing Raven before this, but I’m looking forward to seeing more of her after this episode.
Apparently, Tom and T. T. are pretty fine, since Raven takes them both on in the office in the next scene. Although I would have liked to see Raven take on somebody various, I’m not complaining too much. The boys team up to eat her out, but that’s about it to this episode.
Nina catches K. C. Williams and Randy West getting it on in the office. Nina chases Randy off to the cheap seats, like almost any sensible maiden would, and dives into K. C.’s peach as she sits on the desk. Randy receives back in the diversion after Nina receives her pom-pom eaten, as K. C. swallows his pole as Nina eats her out a little more. Nina stays back to watch Randy fuck K. C. and to lick her bottom a little before Randy fucks her pussy. He finishes things off by blowing his population pudding into the prepared and waiting muzzles of both chicks. It is a sexual scene and one of finest in the film.
Nina brings Buck Adams and Marc Wallice over to cheer up Candace Heart. I’m not sure how this is to cheer her up, but it definitely shows she’s an actress as she appears to be enjoying herself. She sucks on Marc while Buck eats her out before Marc starts out pounding on her peach. Buck and Marc take turns bang Candace while the other jerks off before they each take their turn to pop on her stomach. It’s an okay scene, but it does lack a little.
Since couples sex is a bad thing in Debbie Does Wall Street , things stop off with a monster bacchanalia with Nina Hartley, Raven, Candace Heart, Buck Adams, Marc Wallice, T. T. Man, and Tom Chapman. Rather than wasting time with a bunch of foreplay stuff, it cuts directly to everybody fucking. Unthoughtly, it is a beautiful well balanced episode. You receive a little of everybody and you do not feel shorted on anybody in the episode. Once again, Nina’s the only one to take a facial, but she does a nice job of it by taking a good portion of it into her mouth.
Tho’ not awesome, Debbie Does Wall Street is a entertainment little porno escape. Nina Hartley actually makes the video entertainment, which is good since the sex is a little tame and repetitive. There isn’t a single couples scene in the whole movie, and only one episode does not have three people in it. If you’re a fan of Nina or just looking for a flashback to the porno of the early 1990s, this might be a good place to look.

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DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: retro Debbie Does Wall Street DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: retro Debbie Does Wall Street
DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: retro Debbie Does Wall Street DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: retro Debbie Does Wall Street

DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: retro Debbie Does Wall Street
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DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: retro Debbie Does Wall Street

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